Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weekday morning patchwork

Since I am a piano teacher, I work mainly in the afternoon/early evening.  This leaves my mornings free for me to be productive (sometimes) with my other interests.  
I've been working on the Midwest Modern quilt.  The picture on the website makes it look a little confusing, but it's really just a basic patchwork.  That means that the hardest part is actually cutting out the fabric, which I did last week.  Once you get on the sewing machine and start putting the pieces together, it goes along pretty quickly, especially since you see how fast the quilt is growing, and you're more eager to finish it (at least that's how I am).  
Yesterday I started putting together the center blocks for the quilt.  In the above picture are all the pieces sewn together, ready to be ironed, trimmed down to a perfect square, and sewn to the other blocks.
And here is the entire center block, patchwork-ed together!

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  1. heather, this looks SO amazing!! i cant tell you how stunning. I am such a proud crafting buddy. Look at your skills!!!!!!!! AB would be proud. project next weekend??