Thursday, February 5, 2009

Midwest Modern . . .

Could be a description of me.  But it is actually the name of my next big project, which is an Amy Butler design quilt.  I've been ordering many different Amy Butler fabrics from Etsy, but since I never follow instructions to a T, I didn't have enough fabric for all of the back panels, so I set off to JoAnn Fabrics this morning to pick out a few solids to go with the fabrics I already have.  
The poor, bored woman at JoAnn's who cut out my fabric said they were nice colors and asked if I was making a quilt, which I took to be a green light to talk about all of my quilting plans.  I showed her the few A.B. fabrics I had brought with me to match colors to.  With the blankest of looks, she said "that will be lovely."  

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  1. ok we are the only ones who comment on each others blogs. but seriously. cant wait for this quilt to be done, its going to be beautiful...