Sunday, February 22, 2009

Boat 'n' Totes

Since my last post, about 5 hours ago, I have started and finished a bag to send to my mom for her birthday.  My family has a thing about ice bags, AKA LLBean Boat 'n' Totes.  I have a pretty decent collection of them myself, most of them proudly display my name.  
For my own interpretation of this timeless classic, I used some red canvas fabric I've had for a long time and a more recent acquisition: a Heather Bailey Pop Garden fabric which I love.  The colors might be a little bright for my mom's usual taste, but I think she is going to love the bag and use it often.  I love green and red, especially together, and jump at the opportunity to use them in a non-Christmas project.  Here's the bag, alongside all of my other ice bags.  It seems so happy with all the old bags, maybe it wants to stay here with me?  No, I'll stick to the original plan and send it off to mom for her milestone birthday!

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  1. hello there ptwicky, im thinking i created a monster??? ;-) that bag is incredible. obvi you know that, but seriously, amazing!! thanks SO much again for the cake and the post and alllll your support. i dont know what I would do without you!! xoxoxoxoxo