Monday, February 9, 2009

Bachelorette weekend in St. Louis

My friend, Jessica, is getting married in April.  The other bridesmaids and I decided to surprise her with a bachelorette party, which ended up being this past weekend.  I have to give us all a pat on the back for pulling it all off - Jess really had no idea what all was happening, including having 4 old friends flying in from the east coast.  The party was loosely Little Mermaid-themed, and we all gave Jess beachy-themed gifts for her to use on her tropical honeymoon.  The beach bag and bikini bag I made in the past few weeks were both for Jess and I was pleased at what a good reception they got.  
I had also put together a DVD slide show on my computer of old and new pictures of Jess.  Lots of the other girls had sent me old pictures and I really enjoyed going through all of Jess's memories (in a mildy stalker-ish manner).  She is such a great character and I'm so happy that she's one of my closest friends, ever since we met on the first day of high school 12 1/2 years ago!  Congratulations again, Jess, and I can't wait for your wedding in April!

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