Monday, February 16, 2009

Midwest Modern Placemats

When I first set out to make my Midwest Modern quilt, I had thought I would be sending it away to a real quilter for the actual quilting.  As I worked on it more and more, grew more attached to it, and thought about the process, I started to think I could quilt it myself on my sewing machine.  Also, I plan to give it as a gift to someone, and I would really prefer to do all the work myself, to make it more special.  
So the real issue became making sure I know how to quilt on my sewing machine.  My cousin, Beth, after reading about my quilt and gushing over the colors and fabrics, planted a seed of an idea; she mentioned how cute it would be as a table runner.  I took it a step back and decided to make 2 placemats with some of my left-over fabric.  
I pieced them together on Friday and moved on to the quilting today.  
Beth, these are for you.  I should be done with them soon; now I just have to bind them with a coordinating fabric.  

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  1. YESSS, see i knew you could do it!! make sure you use that fabric marker on the quilt and take it slow!! xoxo