Friday, February 11, 2011

Meet Brittany

I have mentioned my friend Brittany a few times in previous posts.  I'm very proud to have her as my friend because I count her to be the first real friend I've made in Chicago all on my own.  Since I don't have co-workers really, I've relied on my college friends to pal around with, and made new friends with them.  Brittany and I met in the screenprinting class I took last spring at the Lill Street Art Center.  If you need a refresher on what we did in that class, click here.
I knew we would be great friends from the very first day I met her because she mentioned she does lots of crafts and, as you know, so do I!
A few days ago, I got this very cute card in the mail, handmade by dear Brittany.  I like it extra much because you can enjoy it two ways.
In regular lighting, it's very textured:

And then if you hold it up to sunlight, it's almost sparkly:

So here's Brittany, saying "hello" to you (and me), and you can say hello to her on her new blog:
The Plaid Owl.
You may like it because she actually instructs her readers on how to be crafty, whereas I just blab on and on about my life . . .

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