Saturday, January 15, 2011

weekend paperwork

So I was sidelined for my Friday night plans (to finally see a fellow piano teacher's band playing at a real club!) by a gruesome headache, but after spending about 14 hours in bed, I hopefully am back on track for the rest of my weekend, at least to a certain extent.  Tonight's celebration is one I've been looking forward to - my friend Katy's birthday dinner at Sun Wah BBQ, then singing at Lincoln Karaoke (my friends have rented out a room).  For Katy's birthday, I wanted to give her the very large ice cube trays that I got from Ikea a few years ago; she always compliments me on my ice cubes (boy, that sounds funny) whenever I have them at parties.  Unfortunately, when I went to Ikea last week, they didn't have them, so instead I bought her some forest animal shaped cookie cutters, which I also already own and were actually featured in Martha Stewart's holiday cookie magazine.
            To complement the animal cookies, I made Katy a birthday card featuring a javelina (because she already has a javelina cookie cutter for these new ones to befriend) and some traffic cones (long story):

A: to wish Katy a happy birthday!

and maybe bring me back some ibuprofen.  Ugh.

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  1. Birthdays are the best time for inside jokes! In a weird astral plane connection, I was also searching for those large silicone ice cube trays today. Not findining them made me feel so empty that I had to fill the void with a new cutting board, 2 boston shakers, 4 collins glasses, and 3 adorable .25L pitchers....

    Hope you are feeling better!