Thursday, May 1, 2008

No matter what, we're still who we were in high school.

I was driving up in the 'burbs the other day behind an SUV with a cartoon family on the back windshield.  Clearly, this is meant to represent the family inside the car: mom, dad, two boys and a girl, and a dog.  No wonder they need a big car.  
Yesterday, as I was driving on the highway back to the 'burbs, I ended up behind another huge SUV, this time there were just 2 cartoons: on the left side of the windshield, a football helmet and "Jake" written under it; on the right side, a cheerleader with "Katherine" underneath.  High school sweethearts?  The old cliche of football hero and head cheerleader?  I had to get a better look, and so when I went to pass the SUV I glanced over to see whether Jake or Katherine was driving.  I assume it was Katherine, about 35 and on her cell phone.  How long ago did this football and cheerleader lifestyle end? 

On a completely unrelated note, I caved today and got a Gap card.  I went to the Gap because I'm going down to St. Louis this weekend and of course I have "noooothing to weaaaaar."  I do actually think this is true because since I graduated college, I no longer have any desire to go shopping for clothes. 
Anyway, my 20% discount goes for the rest of the day.  Hmmmm.  Shop or teach?  Shop or teach?

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