Wednesday, May 14, 2008

after all, Everybody Poops

So I teach at my students' homes, which makes for a more casual learning environment than the one I had when I was first taking piano lessons.  I know the names of younger siblings, dogs, and have seen family members in different states of undress.  Yet, this was a first for me:
Tonight, I arrived at my student's house for my final lesson of the evening.  Her dad let me in and said "she'll be down in a minute; she's in the bathroom." 
So I get myself settled, look through my student's assignment notebook, in order to remember where we left off last week, open her books to the right page, etc.  Five minutes later her mom comes downstairs and says "she'll be down in about five minutes," then mouths "she's pooping."  Well, five minutes later (a full 10 minutes after our regular lesson time and only once her mom yelled upstairs that she had to "wrap it up, no matter what") my student comes downstairs (unsatisfied? victorious?) and begins her lesson.  

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