Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy (late) Mother's day to me!

My mom just left after a long weekend visit.  She finally got her (late) mother's day gift: a bouquet of flowers which I picked out and put together myself (special, from the supermarket), complete with new lilies opening each day she was here.  
We went to a Cubs game on Friday.  The Cubs won, with Soriano hitting 2 home runs, and the weather was perfect.  Then on Saturday we were off to Oak Park with tickets to tour Frank Lloyd Wright (and other historical) homes that are privately owned and rarely open to the public.  We hit 6 out of the 10 homes, and were about as tired as we've ever been by the end of the day.
On Sunday I came down with some awful virus and I ended up staying home from work on Monday.  My mom, who was going to go to museums while I was at work, stayed home and took care of me which helped make me feel about as good as I could have under the circumstances.  Maybe not my mom's favorite vacation, but I sure enjoyed a little mothering.

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