Sunday, December 9, 2007

Holiday gifts/why I love my computer

My holiday checklist is enormous.  This weekend, I baked bread and cookies (and decorated the cookies).  I squeezed in a few piano lessons with students who have been MIA and need some extra practice before our recital next weekend.  I wrote my annual update letter that I send with all of my Christmas cards, and, most importantly, I worked on my Christmas gift I'm making for my grandfather.
I do believe that homemade gifts are the best.  Last year, I made aprons for all of my female family members (sexism? you bet!) This year, I'm basically just doing one homemade gift, for my grandfather.  It's hard to shop for a man who is mostly blind.  But, being the musical genius that I am, and having the awesome computer that I do, I figured out that I can record myself playing piano pieces, then singing them.  So, I'm doing a broadway revue, of sorts, read: excellent songs from old musicals, including some duets with me singing both the male and female parts (very non-sexist, don't you think?)  Too bad I can't put sound clips in my blog (I don't think)!
Time to go spend quality time with Nate, playing scrabble in front of the fire.  Another holiday checklist item.  Quality time, check!

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  1. Why that pic! At least it isn't a close up to show my wobbly bits!!