Thursday, December 20, 2007

2007 Quick Facts

Birthday: 25th
Piano Lessons Taught: 950
Piano Recitals: 2
Album of the Year: Easy Tiger by Ryan Adams
Runner Up: The Reminder by Feist
Favorite Singer I Discovered: Sean Hayes
Best Song: I Feel it All by Feist
Runner Up: Four Winds by Bright Eyes
Favorite Movie: Superbad
Favorite Movie I will admit to grown-ups: The Lives of Others
Favorite Theatrical Production I saw: Desire Under the Elms
Runner Up: Ragtime
Best Concert I went to: The Decemberists in Millenium Park
Amount I spent to go to that concert: $0.
Best TV Show: 30 Rock
Runner Up/still my favorite: The Office
Favorite TV show I discovered: How I Met Your Mother
Favorite Book: Harry Potter VII
Favorite Book that everyone else hasn't read: Ragtime
Biggest thing I did this year: Bought a Condo
Cubs Games attended: 11
# of those games they won: 9
City I visited: Memphis, TN
Best thing to do there: Graceland, home of the one and only Elvis
Runner Up: Haunted Memphis Walking Tour

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