Sunday, November 21, 2010

Meet Vicky

Last Friday I woke up early, wanting to do some serious sewing and about 30 minutes into my project, my machine had a total meltdown. I tried to be patient, took it apart, figured out what was wrong, and also figured out that I couldn't fix it. Yes, I will take my good old Singer sewing machine in to a shop to get fixed . . . someday. But in the meantime, meet Vicky.
Vicky is my new love, she is a sturdy, Husqvarna Viking who can embroider letters and everything. And thanks to Vicky's help, I finished a quilt on Friday. Free motion quilting is a lot of fun with my new baby.
I've also spent most of my weekend cleaning for my mom's visit. She's coming on Tuesday and we've got some fun stuff planned, but to be honest I won't be surprised if we stay home and sew for most of her visit. Just in case you thought that all of my craftiness comes from nowhere, here's a picture my mom sent me of her latest weaving project. Beautiful.

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  1. Vicky looks adorable. and Holy cow, I had no idea that Mother Wick was so creatively inclined; the weaving is gorgeous!