Thursday, April 24, 2008

Zooming in on the Cubs

Last week I got to go to my 2 first Cubs games of the season.  I have discovered upper deck seats as a great, cheap way to have a good view of the entire game.  I wasted so much time the first few seasons I was here in lower level seating, where you can't see the scoreboard because you're under the upper deck (unless you've paid an arm and a leg to sit down near the field).  
A friend of mine, who was going to the 2nd game with me, mentioned early in the week that she couldn't wait to see Fukudome in action.  Now, no matter how good of a view we have in the upper deck, it's not like you can really see the players, so I joked that in order to really see him we'd have to bring some binoculars to the game.  
In the middle of the week I was up in the suburbs doing a few errands before teaching for the afternoon and there was a spy store in the shopping plaza.  I figured if anyone would have binoculars, they would, so I went right in and bought myself a pretty nice pair for about $30.  As I was checking out, the guy who had helped me said that he had lost the bet.  Apparently, when he and his coworker saw me walking toward the store, they figured I must be lost and would only come into the shop to ask for directions.  The only other customer in there happened to be a middle-aged, slightly sketchy looking guy.  And I had to sign a waiver in order to buy the binoculars, promising not to do anything illegal with them.
So now I got to zoom in on my favorite players.  I'm looking forward to using them all season.  Hopefully I will get to view this guy more often: Matt Murton, my favorite red-headed player who is in and out (mostly out) of the Cubs lineup this season.  Bear with me; I'm trying to get a grip on photo-shopping.  

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