Friday, March 25, 2011

For the Love of George

Meet my Curious George.  He is actually the first in a long line of Curious Georges that belong to Piano Teacher Wicky.  My sister gave him to me when I turned two, which makes him twenty . . . well, old!  He's pretty faded these days, but he still has a very cheery disposition, which is amazing considering how often I used to use him as a pillow while traveling.  He is wearing a pin now that says "may you be as smart at 65 as you thought you were at 18," which he put on for my dad's last visit, since my dad had recently turned 65.  Over the years he's worn a few different pins: one just said "huggable," which could never be disputed anyway, and for a while he went political with a "Snoopy for President" pin.  He was followed by many younger brothers, including a Cubs George (wearing a blue baseball hat and a blue pinstriped jersey), and some teeny tiny Georges that still sit on the piano at my dad's house, waiting for me to come home and give them a concert.
            Over the years, my love of George spread to a great appreciation for all monkeys (yes, even ones with tails).  And I've gotten plenty of birthday and Christmas gifts that prove it, including monkey pajamas, monkey slippers, a monkey CD case, a monkey pillow (made for me by my aunt).  I could go on and on.
            When I was twelve and my youngest cousin was born, I gave him a Curious George.  My uncle told me that his already-huge eyes opened even wider when he saw that cuddly monkey (I'm not sure how true this statement is but I choose to believe it).
            So tomorrow I am heading off to another baby shower and I thought what better gift to give a new little one than a new Curious George.  I spiffed this George up a bit with a green polka-dot bowtie, and he is bringing a book of some of his favorite stories with him (all about him, of course).  We don't know yet if this baby will be a boy or a girl but I think a good George will make either one happy!

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