Friday, May 7, 2010

Thanks, Michael's

Yesterday I stopped in at Michael's craft store before teaching, because I had some extra time and a 40% off coupon.  To think, after a walk around the store I almost left empty handed, but at the last moment I saw a little desktop organizer that looked like it would hold my craft stuff (scissors, pens, etc.) so much better than the family reunion mug I had been using.  Of course, it was on sale, so I was already getting a deal.  But then, at the register, the lady gave me a whole bag of free stuff that had been on clearance for a while, but was being taken off the shelves.  It was a collection of stuff by Who's There, Inc, and it's the kind of stuff I always thought was cute but never bothered to buy (apparently I'm not the only one) - but, as free stuff goes, this is pretty cool.  Sticky notes, file folders, etc.  Thanks, Michael's!

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