Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Restaurant Review: Pizzeria Serio

On Belmont Avenue, the street I drove to and from work on every day, I've noticed some new business popping up - a good sign of the times.  One place I couldn't wait to try out was Pizzeria Serio, which opened last week.  For our little Friday night date, Nate the Great and I braved the threatening weather and walked the 3/4 mile over to the new pizza place.
            They are clearly still in the beginning stages of opening - no liquor license yet, a few oversights with the service (we never got any water) - but the food was good.  The menu was very basic.  The 2 appetizers offered were flatbread and mini calzones, both of which sounded good, but a little too much like pizza for us to order them.  We had a caprese salad (like an uncooked, crustless pizza!) and then a "sausage and peppas" pizza.  It was a a very usual choice for us, but the pizza options were also a little limited and it seemed like a good way to judge.  The pizza was yummy and very thin crust.  That's actually a plus for us, since (not true Chicagoans) we prefer thin crust, unless we're at Pequod's.  The kitchen was open so we got to see them take our pizza out of the brick oven, which was pretty cool.
          In the end, we may stick with our neighborhood fave Sapori di Napoli (which has more exotic toppings) but Nate did enjoy drinking Mexican coke with real sugar in it.  Also, the location of Pizzeria Serio is pretty great, because after dinner we hopped less than 1/2 block over to get frozen custard at Scooter's.  A fine Friday evening.

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