Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have a student who looks like Harry Potter, loves the Beatles and has a touch of ADD.  I love to chat with my students and learn what movie they love right now, how school was, etc. and I always end up kicking myself when I chat with this kid because if you get him started he can and will talk about anything at all.  
In our first lesson back from winter vacation yesterday, I asked him if he was glad to be back to school, and he answered "yes and I have a crush and she loves the Beatles and she loves the song Help" (which he played for the recital just a few weeks ago).  I asked if he had played it for her yet, and he said "I haven't found a piano at school yet."  So I suggested he keep playing every once in a while.  He needs to be prepared if the opportunity to serenade his crush should arise!

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