Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Parties

I have been taking quite a break from blogging, it is true.  But let's see if I can redeem myself.  Last weekend was a big one:  my holiday party (carol singing and gift exchanging) Saturday night, followed by my piano recital Sunday afternoon.  My lucky friend Jessica was in town for the weekend, staying with me, and got to attend both.  I'm sure she's looking forward to moving to Chicago, and getting to go home in between events in the future!  She did help out by frosting cookies with me, and she was official taste-tester of cookies, some dips, and the punch, which did need some tweaking.  
The 3rd Annual Holiday party was a great success.  By my count, we had almost 30 people in attendance, and everyone was ready to spread holiday cheer.  Meatballs were consumed, many gifts of alcohol and useless but cute bits of this and that were exchanged, and carols were sung heartily.  By many standards, I have a sizeable home, but we were definitely pushing it when we packed everyone into the living room to exchange gifts.  I'm already looking forward to the party next year, but first I have a Hannumas party next weekend, and of course New Year's!

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