Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yay for procrastinating!

My mother helped me move into my condo last June, and she's coming for her first visit since then in the middle of May.  In order to feel like I've actually lived her for a year, and accomplished something in that time, I've finally decided to buy the rug and chair that will complete my family room/living area.  
These are pieces I've been thinking of buying for months, and feeling guilty that I haven't just gotten on the phone, or online, and bought them already!  Well, imagine my surprise and glee at having my procrastination rewarded; I went online today and both items were on sale!  Even with the gross shipping costs, they still each cost less than they had at the original prices.  That's American consumerism at its best, and once again proves my theory that, in this great country of ours, you never have to pay full price for anything.  Behold, my new chair that is being made for me right now at a bargain price.

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