Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tucking in my laptop for the school year

I start architecture school in less than a week (eek!).  I got back from a long trip last Saturday (hopefully I'll post some stuff about that too, esp. on my other blog) and this week is devoted to getting ready for school by going to the doctor, picking up everything on my shopping lists, etc.
And one craft project (so far).  Last night I set out to make my new laptop a sleeve from a design on this blog that I had bookmarked a while ago.  Everything went well until I realized, with the finished product, that I had broken the cardinal rule to "measure twice and cut once."  Alas, I had written down two dimensions on my paper: the dimensions of the actual laptop, and, below that, the dimensions I wanted to cut my fabric pieces.  And of course I read the dimensions written on top and made a perfectly nice laptop sleeve for a laptop that's about 1/2 inch smaller in each direction than mine.
Luckily, projects tend to go a little faster the second time around, once you've worked out the kinks, so this morning I got up and quickly put together a second, improved, laptop sleeve.  Here is is:
the fabric is Alexander Henry home collection, from 2007, which gives you some idea of the size and age of my fabric collection, since I had this just sitting around, waiting for an appropriate project.   This was just a drop in the bucket.  

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