Thursday, October 14, 2010

News from my back alley

            I normally wouldn't mention the goings-on in the alley behind my house, but lately it's been exciting to see this new, green house getting built rather quickly.  One day there was a hole.  A few days later, there were walls.  Now there is green siding, windows, and a garage that is well on its way to being green as well.  It probably doesn't sound that cool to someone who is not, well, me, but I figured it was worth mentioning.
            This summer, unfortunately, I never got around to planting flowers on my back deck.  However, the other day I noticed a late bloomer, apparently left over from last summer.  Good work, little calibrachoa!  I wish I had noticed you sooner, but you seem to have done pretty well on your own.
            This morning, I had a very fruitful trip to Target.  In case, dear reader, you are a Target visa-holder, as I am, you might know that they're changing their policy with regards to the 10% off shopping sprees that you get once you've earned enough points.  As of the end of this month or thereabouts, those will no longer be offered BUT every time you shop at Target with your card you get 5% off.  That seems like a more than decent trade-off to me.  However, I do enjoy my 10% off sprees, so today I packed up all my coupons and headed off for one last hurrah.  After spending an unnamed amount, my checker lady was very impressed with the $127 I saved from my Target 10% off coupon, their extra 5% off, and all of my manufacturer's coupons.  And I won't have to buy any bathroom/cleaning products or non-perishable foods for a good 6 months.
             I also found this little guy in the produce section.  I'm set with apples for at least a few weeks.  Beep Beep!

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