Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Camping and Crafting

OK so it wasn't actually "camping," but I did spend this Labor Day weekend at a log cabin in wisconsin without television or internet.  Our little group of 5 all piled into my station wagon and made the 3 hour trip up to Gilbert Lake, which I still haven't located on a map, to spend the weekend swimming, tubing, water skiing, tanning, reading, boating, cooking lots of good food, and playing my new favorite game, Apples to Apples.
And of course, Jenny and I found some time to do a little crafts project - 5 Frank Lloyd Wright inspired picture frames for each of our lady friends who went on a nice little trip up to Taliesin a few weeks ago to see the home that FLW built for him and his lady friend, Mameh.
Overall, it was one of the fun, most relaxing, and cheapest weekends I've spent in a long time - a welcome respite from city life!  Below is a pic from our sunset booze cruise Sunday night.  

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